Saturday, September 23, 2006


(Don't try this at home, kids!). Super-glue your left little finger to the key marked "Ctrl" at the bottom left corner of your keyboard.

Introduce your left-hand's index finger to all the letter keys within range.

Go On! Take a few seconds to inspect your keyboard:

In the image above I have outlined the 2+3+4=9 keys within easy reach of your left index finger.

Hold down the Ctrl key with your left little finger, and use your left index finger to reach:

Q - Reset Style
W - Close File
A - select All
S - Save file
D - open font Dialogue
Z - edit Undo
X - edit cut ("X" is a pair of scissors)
C - edit Copy
V - edit paste ("V" is a proofreader's symbol for insert)

Now tell me that we haven't covered about 90% of your actions on any document.

Or spreadsheet, for that matter.

(Yes, I know, time to wipe down my keyboard)


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